The Top Benefits That You Can Reap From Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

There are several reasons people decide to file for bankruptcy. People may file for bankruptcy because they have lost their job, battled sickness, or had a death in their family. Divorce or other family transitions can also be a trigger for bankruptcy.

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, then you will need to hire one of the bankruptcy attorney firms Florida. There are several reasons that you should hire a bankruptcy attorney when you file. For instance:

Lose Your Debt

If you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, then you will be able to get rid of your unsecured debt within a few months. Chapter 13 bankruptcy will give you more time to pay back your debts and then discharge what remains. Bankruptcy attorney firms Florida can help you decide which type of bankruptcy is right for you.


You are able to file for bankruptcy without consulting with an attorney but you don’t want to. You might make a mistake during the process if you don’t have the experience that a lawyer has and it could cost you a great deal. Some mistakes will even result in the dismissal of your case, so you’ll be worse off than when you decided to file.

Attorneys understand the state and federal bankruptcy laws and can also help you fill out the paperwork properly.

No More Harassment

Many people are harassed by creditors all day. This can make your life a lot more stressful. You won’t have to deal with creditor harassment anymore if you hire an attorney. Creditors are not allowed to contact you after you file for bankruptcy. They will direct all contact to the attorney.


You’ll need to deal with the court when you file, especially during the Meeting of Creditors, and your attorney will be able to represent you. They will also be able to communicate with the creditors on your behalf.

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