The To-Do List for Setting Up a Restaurant

Opening up a new restaurant is an exciting event. Not surprisingly, there’s always a long to-do list connected with opening a restaurant of any size. Look at three must-haves on your to-do list for opening a restaurant.

Adequate, Comfortable Seating

The dining room of a restaurant must be well-planned in order to be inviting to guests. This means creating the right amount of space between tables and arranging the tables in an attractive way. It’s a good idea to draw two or three seating plans for a dining room to narrow it down to the one you like the most. The floor plan also needs to make access to exits easy to find in case of emergency.

Fire Safety Measures

Another must-have on your to-do list is a plan for fire safety in your restaurant. This means having the right number of fire exits as well as fire extinguishers installed around the area. Getting a fire suppression system from Sonitrol is a wise idea for any restaurant. This is especially true in a restaurant’s kitchen. A fire suppression system in Louisville, KY helps to keep a fire from spreading and becoming more of a danger to the people and property inside the restaurant.

A Well-Equipped Kitchen

A well equipped kitchen looks different in different restaurants. For instance, a restaurant serving lots of fried foods would have a fryer or two in its kitchen to keep the guests supplied with potatoes, chicken, onion rings and other specialties. Alternatively, a restaurant serving vegetarian dishes would have a few refrigerators filled with lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers and other veggies. Large sinks, a freezer, a stove and pantry are other features found in many restaurant kitchens but regardless of the machinery in the kitchen, every restaurant need a clear path to the exit in case of a fire.

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