The Three Steps to Getting a Perfect Floss and Prepping for a Dentist Office in Spring Visit

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Dentist

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Flossing is almost an art form, and millions of Americans do not know how to get it right. Thankfully, flossing is a skill that can be taught. Below are three steps to getting that perfect floss every single time. Perhaps that next visit to the Dentist Office Spring could be done a whole lot faster. Knowing these steps will help prepare a patient for great flossing after an in-depth cleaning.

Keep the Floss Tight

Floss that hangs loosely cannot effectively get between the teeth and drag along each of the sides. The best strategy is to hold the floss between two fingers, with one on each hand. Each end is tightly wrapped around a finger, leaving a nice tight thread between the two.

Guide the Floss Nicely

The space between two teeth could be very tight, and that may sometimes put patients in a position where they are forcing the floss in. That can cause it to jump and hit the gums. Bleeding may easily occur. The floss should never be snapped up between the teeth. It should be gently guided between the teeth. If a spot is particularly rough, try to ease it in. Hold a finger at the top of the tooth so the floss does not jump and slide in harshly.

Up and Down Motions

The floss should be guided with smooth up and down motions. The floss is positioned at a slight angle. This will allow the floss to press right up against the outside of the teeth. Otherwise, the floss would just slide up and down between the teeth without ever really digging in. The up and down motion will keep the floss positioned nicely. Angle it up each side of the tooth and repeat the process. Flossing should take about five to ten minutes to achieve a thorough cleaning. Dentists recommend flossing once a day, usually in the evening.

The dentist office in Spring suggests yearly cleaning to maintain fantastic teeth. Visit the website of Gentle Dental Care or contact one of the specialists to schedule an appointment. Excellent flossing will offset any potential gingivitis and other common ailments that arise from poor hygiene and inconsistent cleaning.