The Tasks of a Mold Service in Alexandria, VA

Mold is a threat any time of the year. However, the bulk of it will grow during the spring and summer months when the weather is warm and the humidity levels are high. Prevention can start early provided the signs are identified and steps taken to prevent it from happening. However, most mold is hidden and the conditions are not always easily spotted. This is where a mold service can help.

One of the things a Mold Service in Alexandria VA will look at is the rooms where growth is most likely to occur. This includes spaces like the kitchen, bathroom and basement areas. Water-damaged areas or high humidity levels indicate there is a potential for growth to occur. While the room maybe clean at the moment, these conditions will have to be addressed as a preventative measure.

Another item which maybe tested is the air quality in the home. This reading is compared with the outside air. Air testing is a relatively easy way to determine if there is a high concentration of mold spores inside the home. If the test comes out with a higher spore count, then an excessive amount of mold is present. Determining where the mold actually is located in the house will take more detective work especially if it is hidden behind walls. Turning off the HVAC system and testing in each room may help narrow down where exactly to look.

If mold has been identified and it is extensive, the problem is far too large of a scope for the homeowners. Because cleaning up can lead to release of mold spores, the space will have to be isolated. The Mold Service in Alexandria VA will have to takeover the job of removing it completely. At this point, the mold is a health hazard and removal should only be attempted by qualified experts.

Mold is a scary item to come across in a home. Taking a few preventative steps will help ensure that it never becomes a serious issue. Contact the PMSI Mold Treatment Division for advice on how to prevent mold growth or to set up an inspection if it is suspected.

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