The Stylish Dawn of Emerald Jewellery in India

Emerald is quite popular in India as a birthstone. However, it has also started gaining popularity as a fashion accessory due to its unique colourful brilliance. Many people are also buying emerald engagement rings, since diamond rings have become very common. Emerald Jewellery in India can be bought through various online and offline jewellers. However, more and more people prefer to buy emerald jewellery in India through online shops. Online shops sell a variety of emerald jewellery such as rings, necklaces, etc. They even offer people the choice between natural and synthetic emeralds.

Buy Only From Trusted Sellers
While emeralds may not be as expensive as diamonds, they are not dirt-cheap either. Therefore, it is important that the investment you make does not backfire due to choosing the wrong seller. Make sure that the jeweller that you are considering to buy from has been in the market long enough to build to good reputation. There are many forums that rate online jewellery shops based on several factors including the quality of their products, customer care services, etc. Though it may be a little time consuming, do not ignore this part of the buying process. If you do buy emerald jewellery at Surat Diamond Jewellery India, a well-regarded online jeweller, you can feel confident about the quality of the product that you will receive.

Technical Factors to Consider
• Real or Synthetic: Emerald jewellery can be made using either real or naturally occurring emeralds or synthetic ones. Both emeralds have exactly the same chemical composition, even though one is made in a lab facility. Connoisseurs, however, point out that real emeralds have more ‘character’. Both types of emerald can feature some minute fractures. It should be noted that real emerald has a more brilliant colour.
• Evaluation of Character Quality: While buying emerald jewellery in India, remember that the pricing done by the seller is based solely on a naked eye examination of the stone. This is because there is no defined way of rating emerald. The same emerald may be rated differently by different jewellers.
• Shapes: The most common shape in which emerald is cut is rectangular with angled cut corners. Most classic designs employ this shape. However, there is a variety of other shapes available as well including oval and square.

Delicate Gemstones
Though not very delicate, emerald should still not be used very roughly. Since emeralds, both real and synthetic, usually have inherent minute fractures, applying too much pressure can cause further, irreversible damage. Therefore, after you buy emerald jewellery in India, take good care of it to prevent any damage. If you buy the jewellery from a reputed seller, there are better chances of the emerald having a longer life.

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