The Strength and Beauty of Copper Is Hard to Match

There are many unique advantages that copper has to offer to any job site. One is of course the unmatched beauty of the material. This is especially true when copper is used as a roofing material. Over the years it develops a beautiful green patina that is common amongst many historical landmark buildings.

The Benefits of Using Copper Sheeting

Copper is amazing when used as a roofing material because it offer the ability to have a near continuous water-resistant covering. Simply put, it requires less joints between the sheets so a roof will have a unified look with long beautiful lines. Because copper is incredibly malleable it is perfectly suited when used on curved architecture and will offer a smoother surface when compared to other metals.

The Strength of Copper

While copper is less dense than lead it actually has a much greater tensile strength. It means that you can work with a much lighter material that still provides you with strength that is unmatched by heavier metals on the market. Copper also has a higher melting point than lead and offers better fire resistance. It also isn’t uncommon for the life of a copper sheet to be up to 100 years or more.

An Experienced Supplier Has What You Need

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