The Skill of Professional Oriental Rug Restoration in New York City

There are plenty of people that own authentic and rather valuable oriental rugs. Many times, these rugs are kept under lock and key because of their age and value. However, there are other times where people prefer to use their rugs as they were intended to be used. This opens up the possibility they will be damaged. That may be a nightmare scenario for people who cherish these authentic oriental rugs. However, whether an oriental rug is looking a bit tired, or has been damaged, Oriental Rug Restoration in New York City is something that can breath new life into these valuable pieces.

There are many ways in which a service like The Golden Horn can restore a valuable area rug. For example, if the rug is old and a bit dirty, this restoration service can properly clean it. Because of the delicate nature of these rugs, given their construction and age, the use of standard rug cleaners isn’t advisable. Many times, the harsh chemicals in standard carpet cleaning agents can damage fibers and, more seriously, can damage the dyes used to give the Oriental rug its vibrant colors. Fortunately, these experts understand the nature of the rug’s construction, and they have various cleaning agents that not only refresh the look of a dirty rug but ensure the rug is not damaged in the cleaning process.

Often, when it comes to physical damage, unless it is a tear in the center of the rug, much of the damage is typically relegated to the margins of the rug itself. In these cases, if the damage is significant enough, the rug can simply be re-sized. Either reusing or replacing the binding on the outer edges of the rug after re-sizing can keep the construction intact as well as retaining the rug’s value. However, this is something that expert Oriental Rug Restoration in New York City should handle as they understand how to re-size without damaging the integrity of the rug or taking away from its value.

If you like to have your valuable Oriental Rug out for everyone to see and enjoy, there are risks involved. Fortunately, with expert cleaning services, as well as expert repair for any damage done to the rug, your valuable and beautiful Oriental rug will stay in perfect shape for many years to come.

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