The Signs You Need Garage Door Repair Service in Iowa City, IA

An automatic roller garage door needs to be serviced from time to time. They work on a basic principle. The garage door is built with rollers on the side that is on track. They’re connected to a motor by a cable. As the motor runs, it turns a wheel that coils up the cable. That coiling pulls the garage door up to your ceiling. When you let the garage door down, the motor allows a controlled descent of the garage door. Springs are installed to ease the stress of lifting the garage door. By understanding the general mechanism, you can determine when you need garage door repair service.

Spring Problems

Problems with your garage door springs are fairly common. They are one of the leading reasons that someone needs garage door repair service in Iowa City, IA. The springs have replaced counterweights of old. So, if you have a 200-pound garage door, the engine will need to lift 200 pounds of weight. However, if you have garage door springs loaded to 100 pounds, the motor will only need to lift 100 pounds of the garage door. If your garage door is having problems lifting off the ground, it could be a spring problem. You’ll notice this if the door doesn’t raise very quickly or if lowers too quickly.

You should visit Raynor Door of Cedar Rapids to have your springs repaired. Springs are loaded with an extreme amount of pressure; you should not attempt to repair them yourself.

Motor Problems

Motor problems are another common reason that someone might need garage door repair service. They will often look the same as spring problems. If the garage door motor suddenly gets much louder or if its operation becomes spotty, you likely have a motor problem. These are just two of the most common problems that you might face.