The Signs of Periodontal Disease to Tell Your Dentist in Cinco Ranch

Periodontics is a term derived from Greek which refers to the areas around your teeth. This means the structures that keep your teeth in place such as your gums, your bones, and the nerves inside of your teeth. There are also ligaments called periodontal ligaments that attach a tooth to the bone on which it sits. If anything goes wrong with any of these structures, you need to tell your dentist about it. If you already have a scheduled dental appointment or if you make a phone call, you need to be able to identify some warning signs.

Bleeding Gums

If your gums bleed after some kind of trauma or after accidentally biting into something that you shouldn’t have, you probably don’t have much cause for alarm. If it happens frequently or if the blood doesn’t stop fairly quickly, you need to call a dentist in Cinco Ranch. Alternately, if your gums start to bleed while you’re brushing your teeth, that could be a sign of a problem. This does not usually mean that you are brushing too hard. It typically means that you have some kind of inflammation of the gums.

The experts at a place such as Gentle Dental Care will be able to sort out what is going wrong. Periodontitis is a common problem for many people.

Tooth Decay

If your teeth feel loose in your mouth or if they’re actually falling out, you need to see a dentist. This is often caused by a buildup of dental plaque in the mouth. Plaque is a mass of bacteria that grows on the surface inside the mouth. This is one of the main things that brushing and flossing are supposed to fight. Without adequate maintenance, the plaque can become very damaging to the structures around your teeth. There are many ways that a dental professional can help you fight tooth decay and other periodontal disease. Visit website to know more about the best dentists in Cinco Ranch.

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