The Signs of a Cracked Foundation and the Damage That Follows

A cracked foundation is a sign that there is a structural problem in your home. At the first sign of a crack, contact foundation repair in Pensacola to have the issue corrected by a professional. Ignoring the damage or attempting a DIY quick-fix is only going to exacerbate the problem. If repairs are neglected, the crack will continue to get worse and eventually reach a scale where the entire home is no longer safe for occupation. Every home owner should be able to identify the common causes and signs of a cracked foundation.

For homes with a basement, damage is often caused by continuous water pressure pushing against the walls. This causes the foundation to shift, which leads to cracking. What happens then is that the water begins to seep through the cracks and creates high humidity as it evaporates. Over time, this leads to problems like mildew and mold, which appear as blackish and greenish spots. If you see such spots in the basement, that’s a sign that water is making its way inside, which also means that there are likely cracks.

Another sign to look for is changes in the plumbing. Cracks can also damage the pipes located beneath the floors and behind the walls. If you see wet spots, or if the water isn’t running as smoothly, then the problem could be caused by fractures in the foundational structure.

If the foundation is compromised, then the floor may also feel uneven. You may also hear constant cracking and popping sounds when you walk over certain areas. As the crack begins to spread, the floor may even sag, which makes it extremely dangerous to walk on. If the damage reaches this stage, then you need to immediately contact foundation repair in Pensacola. The entire floor will likely need to be replaced.

Also be sure to check the doors and windows. If either no longer opens or closes as smoothly as before, then it may be due to an uneven foundation. Keep in mind that this will also negatively affect the home’s insulation as this causes heat and air to escape. It may also create an entrance for pests and rodents.

Be sure to contact Ram Jack Solid Foundations for a professional inspection of your home. Foundation repair in Pensacola is an absolute must even if the damage is minor. What begins as a small crack can quickly spread and eventually create an unsafe living environment.

If you suspect a crack in your foundation, then call foundation repair in Pensacola. The sooner you act the sooner foundation repair in Pensacola can make the necessary repairs to prevent any existing cracks from spreading.

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