The Shipped Seafood Trend – The Best of Maine, Available Anywhere

With the increasing popularity of services that deliver food straight to consumer’s doors, it’s no wonder the seafood market has gotten in on the act. Whether it’s calling for a quick meal from a local restaurant or enjoying a delivery of market-fresh ingredients to cook at home, food delivery is a booming business in America. For those who love the taste of seafood, getting fresh Maine lobster shipped straight to their door is just another way today’s marketplace is bringing the best tastes of the nation straight to our homes.

Why Ship Seafood?

Seafood – lobster, crab, shellfish and the like – are often considered a delicacy that those who live too far from the coast are not likely to have access to. After all, fresh seafood is best found in coastal regions, pulled straight from the nearby waters and served up to waiting diners. So, how can seafood enthusiasts in other areas enjoy that same fresh flavor?

The answer is modern shipping techniques. Today’s seafood merchants can ship delicious lobster, crab and other specimens all over the nation – sometimes even internationally – at blinding speed to ensure the arrival of fresh, flavorful meals for consumers. With refrigeration and other insurance policies in place to make sure products arrive as delicious as they are intended to be, today’s diner can enjoy a seafood specialty in the middle of the western desert as easily as in the coastal towns of New England.

Worth Every Penny

Though the shipment of seafood may incur extra costs due to the nature of the shipping process, most consumers agree that it is worth every cent. When comparing the dishes available in non-coastal regions made with frozen, pre-packaged seafood ingredients and those made from fresh Maine lobster shipped as soon as it is harvested from the sea, there is simply no denying that fresh is best.