The Services That Are Typically Included With Cremation Services In Vancouver Wa

The passing of a loved one is never easy and having to pull emotions and composure together long enough to begin the process of planning a funeral can be nearly impossible. One of the best ways to combat this all too common problem is to seek out information about Cremation Services In Vancouver Wa before disaster strikes. Here is a quick look at what is typically included in a cremation package, and few of the add-ons that can be selected to meet the needs of a family.

Processing Of Remains

In addition to including the cremation of the remains, many packages also include delivery of the ashes to a designated recipient or spreading of the ashes at sea, depending on the preferences of the family. A family can choose to purchase a custom urn or use the more economical storage option that will come with the remains. A cremation package ensures that a body is handled in a way that is according to any local regulations while respecting the wishes of the family.

Filing Of Death

One of the most important steps after a loved one passes is ensuring that the death is filed correctly and that a death certificate is issued as soon as possible. In addition to controlling any federal or state benefit a person may have, a death certificate allows those who remain to process any life insurance policies as quickly as possible. Many companies only provide one copy, but additional ones can be ordered for a nominal fee.

Memorial Stationery

It may not seem important, but most companies that provide Cremation Services In Vancouver Wa also include memorial stationery that a family can use to send thank you notes to those who provided support during the loss. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on cards and gifts, many choose to save money by using those included in a cremation package.

When a loved one passes, it is never easy, but the team at The Cremation Society of Washington make it easier and provide 24/7 support. Contact them today to learn more about the services they offer, and how they can make dealing with the death of a loved one as easy as possible.