The Services Performed By A Millwright In Dallas

One of the most critical persons during the relocation of a manufacturing facility is a millwright as they have the knowledge to disassemble and move any equipment that a company may own. Before a company thinks that they can tackle a move on their own, they should consider the various services performed by a millwright in Dallas as it can make a move easier and less stressful. Here is a quick look at just three of the many ways they can make any big move as simple as possible.


The first step of any facility move is to disassemble the equipment that the company may have in place. Even if the individual did not install the machine, they will have the knowledge to determine the best way to disassemble it so it can be moved quickly. Removing one wrong screw can lead to disaster and cause damage to the machine, so this is a job best left to a professional.

Equipment Alignment

Another important role of a millwright in Dallas is ensuring the proper alignment of equipment after it is moved. If a machine is not properly aligned, it can cause it to run unpredictable and lead to parts that do not meet the required specifications. A millwright will be able to use laser technology to ensure a machine is properly aligned and ready for use, which can save money by eliminating downtime and preventing personal injury.


It is not uncommon for the components of a machine to experience minor damage during disassembly and transit, especially if the machine has been in place for several years. A millwright will be able to create replacement parts that may no longer be available so that a machine can run reliably. Proper retrofitting can prevent a company from having to replace equipment, and restore operations as quickly as possible.

Moving a large facility isn’t easy, but the team at DFW Movers and Erectors Inc. can help. Be sure to contact them to learn more about the services they offer that can make any company relocation as easy as possible. Call now to get a free quote and take the first step in ensuring any relocation is completed without a hitch.