The Sense of Branding: Knowing When Enough is Enough and Where to Start

The NBC television series, Parks, and Recreation, is full of wonderful little nuggets that can be applied to real life. One particular character named Tom starts a business and places the name of the business on everything, including calendars, mugs, tote bags, backpacks, stickers, and tables. So, when one character asks Tom what his business does, another interjects with, “it seems all your business does is put its name on things.”

Branding can go overboard. When Tom brought out backpacks and dodgeballs, viewers knew the joke. But, is this really far from reality? When it comes to a lot of new upstarts, the answer is no. This is rather close to the reality of many businesses, and it creates a gulf of “too much” when all that was ever needed was just a bit.
Promotional Products in Bellingham WA can begin and end with a few smartly selected items that make sense to the brand. Take the example of a dodgeball. If the company has an affiliation with a local sports youth group, this branding makes sense. It actually works, unlike Tom’s business, which was a night club. Most business concepts would not do well placing their logos on dodgeballs simply for the sake of having their name on something.

In branding, one primary rule is to have it make some kind of logical sense. Does it fit to have the brand on that particular item? It could be an indirect association, but it has to make sense to the consumers of the product or service. Otherwise, it is a joke akin to a comedy television show.

The best brand developers rely on quality branding with a few sensible products. Ultimately, product branding is only one part of their overarching strategy. It should not be the only branch, nor should it even be the largest. Promotional Products in Bellingham WA can go a lot further when done with products that fit the brand and in orders that are manageable. Companies, like Reco Brands, would agree that huge quantities of ill-fitting items would just introduce a bolder problem: where is it all going to sit? It certainly isn’t going to move anytime soon.

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