The Secret Weapon for Your Landscape: Crushed Stone

If you are redesigning your landscape, you may not even think about using crushed stone. However, there is a reason there are so many crushed stone suppliers in Saratoga Springs. This is an effective, visually appealing way to enhance your landscape. Also, crushed stone is versatile, which means there are several ways it can be used.

Use Crushed Stone in Flower Beds

If you want some uniform color, but want to avoid the use of mulch, then crushed stones can be a great addition to your flower beds. Keep in mind, you have to be more careful with the placement of the stones, but they will look great, and last much longer than traditional mulch, which will decompose over time.

Create a Decorative Driveway

You can have your selected crushed stone suppliers in Saratoga Springs leave a load of the stone in your driveway if you prefer something besides gravel. The crushed stone has a more angular appearance, which makes it more decorative and a preferred option for many homeowners.

Prevent Pooling in Your Yard

You can also use crushed stone to help prevent pooling water in your yard. If there is an area where water won’t drain away, you can add crushed stone. It will serve as a decorative feature and help the water not puddle.

Keep in mind, if you want to use crushed stone in your landscape, the first step is to find quality crushed stone suppliers in Saratoga Springs. Doing this will make sure you get the quality product to achieve the look and results you want in your yard.

Find out more about hiring a crushed stone supplier by visiting the Troy Sand and Gravel website.

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