The Role Of A Workers’ Compensation Attorney In St. Paul, MN

Many injured employees are under the impression that Workers’ Compensation is an automatic settlement that is readily available to anyone who is injured or becomes ill due to a work-related accident or environment. While this is the intent of the insurance program, it is not the reality that many St. Paul, MN, employees face when filing a claim.

A simple way to ensure you have the representation needed to file a Workers’ Compensation claim and have it approved is to use a Workers’ Compensation attorney. The best attorneys offering this specialized legal representation in the St. Paul, MN, area work on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not pay anything out-of-pocket or up front, but if you win your case, the law firm is provided a percentage of the settlement, which is a percentage that is discussed when you hire the attorney. This percentage is controlled by state law and must be approved by a Workers’ Comp judge.

Filing Forms

A Workers’ Compensation attorney ensures all required forms are completed correctly and filed within any specific deadlines. This is a critical part of getting a speedy approval and reducing the likelihood of a denial of the initial application.

Collecting Evidence

Working with the experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney means that the necessary evidence is provided at the time of filing or during the negotiation process. This means the correct details are in doctor’s reports and that the necessary specialists have been consulted.

Negotiating on Your Behalf

Most of the cases are settled by direct negotiation. Having an experienced lawyer to represent you in meetings with the insurance company and their legal representatives is critical in presenting your case. Additionally, the lawyer is aware of the amount of settlement for similar cases, which ensures you receive a fair settlement offer under the guidelines.

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