The Recycling Centers in CT Lead the Nation in Per Capita Recycling Efforts

Connecticut leads the east coast states in recycling. They have recycling centers in every populated area and for virtually everything that is recyclable. The Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA) is a quasi-public authority that is leading the way. This group works to develop and implement solutions for solid waste disposal and recycling management for Connecticut municipalities. These are all environmentally safe recycling facilities.

CRRA first task in 1973 was to make Connecticut’s solid waste disposal facilities more environmentally safe. CRRA enabled the state to replace many local dumps by making a major commitment to conduct a trash-to-energy program and supporting it with recycling. They also help build safe and engineered lined landfills. CRRA has lead the way to create a valuable wildlife habitat in the city of Hartford where there was once a landfill.

Connecticut leads the country for recycling according to a report issued by a San Francisco small business intelligence firm. The average per capita revenue for Connecticut recycling centers is $1,500-$1,600, and the per capita revenues show Connecticut is the No. 1 state for recycling centers.

In 2013 there were 124 towns with Recycling Centers in CT that generated 33725.75 tons of recycling material and generated a rebate to the 124 towns of $337,257.50. The towns saved $2,327,076.75 in disposal fees at $69 per ton. Of the 269,528 tons of trash collected 11.2 percent of it was recycled for a per capita recycled pounds of 55.590. The town of Salisbury/Sharon led the state with 124 pounds per capita of recycled material.

It is amazing that 124 Recycling Centers in CT set up under the CRRA could generate 33725.75 pounds of recyclable material from a state population of 1,213,000 citizens.
This is an example of a recycle program where the entire state gets behind the program and where there is something in it for everyone. Connecticut is beginning to operate the single stream recycling center where all material to be recycled is dumped on one conveyor belt and it is sorted into categories manually and mechanically. Connecticut can be very proud of its very good record in the recycling effort in the U.S. For more info, visit Calamari Recycling Co.

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