The Real Benefits of Lightweight Trekking Shoes

Any trekker will tell you that what you wear on your feet determines the experience of the trek. Shoes that are too heavy will wear your legs out quickly, shoes that are not heavy enough do not provide you the support that you need. There are people that trek in running shoes because they simply cannot deal with the weight of traditional trekking shoes, but they are missing out on the benefits of lightweight trekking shoes.

Lightweight Trekking Shoes are the Answer

If you struggle with heavy weight on your feet when you are hiking, than you should be shopping for lightweight options. Running shoes are great for smooth trails but even in the best of conditions you can only expect to get a few hundred miles out of them. On the other hand, trekking shoes that are built to be lightweight can stand up to many, many miles and still deliver the support that you need to stay safe on the trails.

The Real Benefit

Ask any trekker what their dream is, and you are likely to hear the same answers. They want to explore more, stay out longer and come back often to the trails. The real benefit of the right footwear is being able to:

  • Stay on the trail longer and go further
  • Come back more often
  • Simply enjoy the trek

The right footwear pays off handsomely on the trails. Your legs feel stronger, they get tired less quickly, your feet stay comfortable. You can get out there more often and feel confident and you just enjoy the entire experience more. Nord Trail will have you in the right trekking shoes! They have a wide range of options including lightweight shoes that will fit your budget and your trekking needs perfectly!

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