The RAM 2500 in Wichita, KS for Sale Is the Heavy Duty Powerhouse You Need

As a hard working truck, the RAM 2500 in Wichita, KS, offers a lot of power with ample modern technology to help you get work done quickly and with ease. This truck is built for commercial or everyday use, depending on what you need to haul or tow with you.

Ample Towing Power and Payload Room

One of the ways the RAM 2500 stands out is with its high towing capacity. Depending on the trim selected, this vehicle can pull between 10,520 and 15,040 pounds. That includes your trailer or a mid-sized boat. In addition to this, the vehicle has a payload capacity of 1,564 to 4,012.

Ample Power and Performance

With ample power behind it, including a 6 and 8 speed automatic transmission behind it, the 2022 RAM 2500 is capable of helping you to get work done. It is designed with three cab options – Regular, Crew, and Mega, so you can even bring with you anyone you need to. It also has numerous driver safety features and ample technology to help you maneuver the vehicle with ease. You can also count on it to offer an engine that is going to last.

Find out if the RAM 2500 in Wichita, KS, is right for you by taking it out on the road for a test drive. Head uphill, get it up to speed, and feel the function that this truck brings with it.

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