The Psychological Benefits of Cataract Surgery in Oahu

Patients who choose to undergo Cataract Surgery in Oahu discover they obtain some benefits upon doing so. 98 percent of individuals who undergo the procedure find they have a positive outcome. What many don’t realize, however, is these benefits go beyond the physical. What are some of the psychological benefits of having cataracts removed?

Reduced Depression

When an individual begins to lose their sight, they are more at risk of depression. They are no longer able to engage in the activities they enjoy, and they spend more time alone rather than interacting with others. With the help of the surgery, they can engage in these activities once again. Some people find that their vision is better after than the surgery than it was before cataracts developed.

Fewer Injuries

While many would say this is a physical benefit of cataract surgery, it also affects the person’s mental status. After an injury, the person may be sidelined for some time while recovering. This can likewise interfere with their activities and leave them feeling depressed and isolated. Cataract surgery helps to reduce the person’s risk of a fall due to unclear vision. Furthermore, some people never fully recover from an injury of this type. The surgery prevents these issues before they develop.

More Independence

Poor vision interferes with a person’s ability to do many things. For example, an individual may find he or she can no longer drive due to cataracts or safely move about the home. The surgery helps to restore vision, so the individual does not have to rely on others for assistance. This allows the person to remain independent as long as possible.

If you feel Cataract Surgery in Oahu may be of benefit to you, contact the Hawaii Vision Clinic. Here a person can choose to undergo laser cataract surgery to restore his or her vision. In fact, the procedure may even be able to help address a person’s astigmatism, giving him or her clearer vision also. Contact the clinic today to set up an appointment to have your vision checked. This is simply too important to neglect.

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