The Pros and Cons of Tall Floral Centerpieces in Charlotte, NC for Weddings

15049620_lEvery bride wants fabulous floral centerpieces in Charlotte, NC to grace the tables that their guests sit at after their wedding. There are many centerpieces out there to choose from, but if it is a large wedding and the hall is large, you will want a tall floral centerpiece because it just looks more elegant. As with every other flower for a wedding, the tall centerpieces have their advantages and disadvantages, read on for a few of them.

Advantages of Tall Centerpieces

The biggest advantage of having tall floral centerpieces in Charlotte, NC grace your tables is the fact that they look so elegant, especially against the backdrop of tall ceilings and long windows. This gives your guests something to look at when they are waiting for dinner to be served, or something to admire between dances. Tall centerpieces can even be a great conversation starter for your guests who do not know one another. After all, you want everyone to be comfortable at your reception and to have a good time.

Disadvantages of Tall Centerpieces

The biggest disadvantage of tall centerpieces at a wedding is the cost of course. It seems that since tall centerpieces look taller, then you are getting more for the money, but that might not be entirely true. In reality, the number of flowers used in a tall arrangement can often be the same amount as the number of flowers used in a low arrangement.

Another disadvantage of tall floral centerpieces is the fact that they look great when the guests are going to the table, however, once they sit down they will be looking at the stems of the flowers in the vases until they get up again. It is entirely possible, that you are not getting your money’s worth out of that tall centerpiece and should go with the low centerpieces instead.

No matter what type of centerpiece you choose to grace the tables at your wedding reception, you can be sure that if you visit website here, they will be gorgeous, fragrant, and bursting with color. Tall or Low, the choice is yours, after all you are the bride.

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