The Process of Performing Roofing Repairs in Oklahoma City

The strength of a roof relies on the strength of the materials used in its construction. While these materials are designed to be strong, they are susceptible to extreme weather conditions. They also wear out with constant exposure to the weather. Often, such damage is not noticed until roof leaks develop. When this occurs, the roof’s integrity is already compromised. So, repairs are needed before the damage spreads and the entire roof is entirely compromised. This is some of the steps that occur when the roof is repaired.

The first step of Roofing Repairs Oklahoma City is to identify the damaged areas. Since it is impossible to see all of the potential damage from the ground, the roof should be inspected for more problem areas even if they aren’t leaking yet. Identifying potentially damaged areas will help prevent future leaks that may not be visible quite yet. Repairing all of the problem areas on the same day will also save money in the future by preventing problems before they happen.

The next step is to remove all the damaged shingles in the process of Roofing Repairs Oklahoma City. In some cases, the damaged waterproofing underlay may also be removed if it has become compromised. A further inspection may need to be performed to see if the damage has gotten to the plywood structure. If this has occurred, a larger area of the roof may need to be removed to replace the structural support.

After the damage items are removed as a part of the Roofing Repairs Oklahoma City, the new materials are laid down and secured. The waterproofing layer goes on first over the plywood structure. It is attached and secured. The shingles are laid down in an overlapping pattern to prevent the water from getting under the material. They are secured in place with staples to ensure that they can provide the protection against the incoming rain.

If you see any signs of leakage in your roof, contact J&M Roofing Company in Oklahoma City as soon as possible. Getting repairs done quickly will help to ensure that the roof retains its strength through all different types of weather. Visit website if you need to perform roofing repairs.

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