The Process of Manufacturing and Delivering Residential Heating Oil in Clinton

Heating oil in Clinton is a common fuel for furnaces because natural gas was unavailable in the Northeastern United States for such a long time. People who continue to have oil furnaces in their homes need regular deliveries during the winter since the fuel is supplied through a tank on the property and not through a utility line.

Refining Heating Oil

This type of fuel comes from barrels of crude oil that are refined to make various petroleum products. Most of the liquid in a barrel is refined to produce gasoline and diesel fuel.

Diesel fuel is the substance used as heating oil in Clinton and elsewhere in the country. The only difference is that heating oil is dyed red to distinguish it from liquid intended to power motorized vehicles on the road and on the water.

Legal Restrictions

It’s illegal to use heating oil as fuel for motor vehicles because diesel is heavily taxed for highway funds. The red dye makes it clear which is which.

If people try to run a car or pickup truck on heating oil, the dye shows up wherever the fuel goes, making it obvious they are doing something illegal. Some states allow recreational boaters to receive a refund on the tax they pay for diesel fuel since they are not operating those vehicles on roads.

Using Diesel Fuel for Heating Oil

People are not allowed to siphon their heating oil from the tank and pour it into their diesel-fueled pickup trucks, but they can pour diesel into the oil tank if necessary. Nobody would do this on any sort of regular basis since it costs so much extra, but having this option can help if the tank runs low during a cold spell.

If a home’s residents don’t have a delivery contract with a company such as East River Energy, they need to keep an eye on the gauge and call far enough ahead of time for a single oil delivery. It’s easy to forget about this when the family is very busy. Visit the website to read about the different types of contracts available.

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