The Process of Installing Kitchen Countertops in Oak Brook

Kitchens are often described as the heart of the home. Because of their importance, they often have to function as well as provide an atmosphere conducive to both cooking and the social gatherings that happen in this room. Often, this means that kitchen is first on the list for a remodel. While the cabinets are critical for storage, the counter tops provide the solid working surface on which dinner is created. Thus, new counter tops are an essential part of the remodeling process. Getting them installed is a sign that the kitchen is nearing completion since they are one of the last big items.

The first step in the installation process of Kitchen Countertops in Oak Brook is to select a counter top that meets all your criteria in terms of durability, heat resistance and spill resistance. You should take a sample of your cabinets with you to check it against the counter top. This will help you pick out a color as well as the proper material. Once you have accomplished this step, the order has to be placed ahead of time.

Once the counter tops are picked out, it is essential that all of the lower cabinets are installed first. The lower cabinets determine the actual configuration of the counter top. These are used to create a template. This template is used to cut the final pieces out of the selected material.

The Kitchen Countertops in Oak Brook are then put on the lower cabinets with an adhesive or nails depending on the material and the recommended application. The hole for the sink is typically cut out at this juncture and you will need to have the template handy for this smaller cut out.

After the counter tops are secured down, the seams are sealed. Depending on the material, the counter tops may also need to be oiled or sealed as well. Once this is done, they are ready for use.

Kitchen counter tops are a crucial part of the kitchen. It is a multiple step process for installing them. Click here if you would like more information on how counter tops are installed or have questions on remodeling your kitchen.

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