The Problems Often Seen By A Roofer

by | May 14, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

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There is no denying that the best roof is one which is brand new. If the expected life of a asphalt shingle roof is 30 years, the failure curve will be almost flat for the first 30 percent of its life and then it will begin to ramp up until the last couple of years when failure is imminent. It is when the curve begins to ramp up that maintenance and repair become more frequent and more costly. A roofer in Oswego sees all the problems, let’s have a look at some of the problems that give most headaches.

Failed or damaged flashing is a major source of roofing problems. Flashing is quite thin, often metal; it is the flashing that keeps water from entering the building from the peak, around the perimeter, in the ridges and around anything that comes through the roof such as a skylight or vent. The flashing is installed prior to the shingles in most cases but can also be installed over the shingles, especially when it seals a vent. Over time this material can age and crack or the original fasteners can corrode. Failed flashing can be repaired as can any shingles in the vicinity.

A roofer in Oswego also sees considerable evidence of buckling shingles. Shingles will buckle in the vent there is poor ventilation in the attic or when new shingles are placed over existing shingles. When the old shingles are not removed first it is easy for moisture to get under the shingle which causes buckling. If the condition is bad enough it may indicate that a new roof is in order.

Sooner or later a leak in the roof will appear inside as a water spot on the ceiling. Once you see this you know you have a problem, not only with the roof but possibly with the drywall, insulation and electrical conduit. Once water spots show up on your ceiling have the entire roof inspected, it may be that the roof is deteriorating and will soon need replacing.

Missing shingles are more often spotted in the spring than any other time of year. The culprit is ice and snow that builds up over the winter. In many cases the underlying cause is poor roof insulation, this allows the ice and snow to melt, freeze and melt again in a never ending cycle which eventually loosens the shingle. Any missing shingles should be replaced by a professional roofer in Oswego otherwise the integrity of the roof may be compromised and leaks will occur.

A roofer in Oswego knows what the causes of roof damage are, he also knows how to repair the damage or if need be, replace the whole roof. If you are experiencing problems with the roof on your home you are invited to contact Showalter Roofing Service, Inc.

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