The Primary Reasons to Use a Probate Attorney to Finalize Your Estate

After accruing a sizable estate throughout your life, you want to know that it will go to good use after you are gone. You do not want to see it squandered on people who will not appreciate its value or the time and care that it took to amass it.

However, you leave it vulnerable to being distributed in a haphazard manner if you die without a final will and testament in place. These reasons can compel you to retain a Sacramento probate attorney to work with you on your final wishes for your estate.

Dictating Its Distribution

As long as you make the will when you are in a sound state of mind, you can dictate however that you want your estate to be distributed after you are gone. You can leave directives about whom to benefit, what charities to leave money to and in what manner that the rest of your wealth should be dealt. The Sacramento probate attorney ensures that the court follows your wishes.

Planning Your Funeral

You can also leave directives in the will for your funeral. You can choose the place where you will be buried, what funeral home to handle your services and even what headstone to order for your grave.

These reasons are a few for why you need to hire an experienced Sacramento probate attorney for your estate. You avoid leaving your wealth to the whims of the court.

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