The Practical Value of Ice Cubes Wholesale on Long Island, NY for Events

When one considers the list of products they can obtain at wholesale, ice is not necessarily the first to come to mind. They think food, restaurant equipment, toiletries, clothing, and minor product parts. But ice was recently deemed a food, which means it requires FDA approval and is under statutes of health code regulations. With that, the industry has changed in small ways. Ice is not just a food but a versatile and diverse product with multiple types of uses. You can purchase Ice Cubes Wholesale on Long Island, NY& for massive events, festival booths, and small restaurant events. Long Island Ice & Fuel provides serviceable ice products for varying means of use. These include ice luges, giant uncarved 300 lb. ice blocks, and general fuel services.

Finding ice in Long Island can be a little tricky. During the winter months it can be as easy as opening the door and grabbing a shovel. Of course, this would be outside FDA regulations, and just a bit taboo. But Long Island Ice & Fuel reliably services multiple company types, as well as temporary events hosted by independent clients.

The company only uses the purest of ice. This means that the ice is frozen from water that is monitored heavily, regulated, and cleansed. The water is lab tested for purity, something that the faucet is notoriously absent of. The company provides 300,000 lbs. of ice every day for clients all across New York City. This production ranges from untouched ice blocks to intricately carved ice luges.

The Business Name offers 25 lb. increments on all their ice products, allowing a customer to be very specific on how they want their ice. The most common reason to require ice is for an event. This includes bachelor parties, birthdays, and the trailed and always radiant wedding event. If the event is particularly sprawling and huge, one can order Ice Cubes Wholesale on Long Island, NY. This is not exactly uncommon in the beautiful city suburb of Long Island. One needs to keep that vodka on ice, or the wine for those who prefer it chilled. If the event is to last for a long period of time, restocking and refrigeration can be found at Business Name.