The Perfect Home Away From Home: Kennel and Dog Park in Everett, WA

Do you have a vacation or business trip plan and need a place for your cat or dog to stay while you are gone? A quality kennel can provide them with a home away from home while you travel and in many cases even provide grooming services to ensure that they are clean and healthy upon your return. Kennels that cater to both dogs and cats provide that each species has a safe and secure environment to enjoy during their stay but some can even offer a Dog Park in Everette area for your canine friends.

If you are a responsible pet parent you know how important it is to ensure that your pet is safely cared for in your absence an experienced kennel can provide that and much more. A full-service kennel can board both your canine and feline friends while ensuring that their rules and guidelines keep your pets safe and sound. Health requirements may require shots such as rabies, DHPP, and bordetella for dogs while proof of feline leukemia, rabies and other inoculations for cats.

Cats are boarded individually or in family groups and do not interact with others during their stay but may be provided with scratching posts and climbing options for exercise and enjoyment. In addition, many experienced cat kennels will provide your pet with a windowed view to enjoy during their stay.

Dogs are boarded privately at night or with current members of the same household but often can play with other boarders during the day. Quality playtime can help relieve boredom for your dog and give them access to fresh air and exercise. A dog who had had time to play and run in a Dog Park during the day is apter to relax at night and sleep peacefully in their home away from home.

In many cases you will want to provide food for your pet during their stay so that they stick to the same diet and not upset their digestion, but quality centers can and do provide food if you do not bring enough or have forgotten your food at home. You can also bring your dog’s favorite blanket or pillow to help them feel more comfortable too.

Don’t let the stress of worrying about your fuzzy friend ruin your vacation, find out an experienced kennel and Dog Park in Everett can offer your pet today.

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