The Overhead Door Repair in Vero Beach, FL Can Be Done By a Repair Service Day or Night

by | Oct 9, 2013 | Overhead Doors

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The overhead garage door is the heaviest moving part of the home, and it should be checked by a specialist for part failures. The most important part of the door mechanism is the torsion spring because it does the heavy lifting. When this spring fails, it is time to call a qualified overhead door repair company such as an overhead door repair in Vero Beach, FL. An untrained person who attempts to repair this door can cause serious injury to themselves and even death. The torsion spring is a terrible device to attempt any repairs on.

The torsion spring does fail from long-term usage and lack of maintenance. The torsion spring should be lubricated and inspected yearly by an expert. Generally, the torsion spring is the most important part of the opening mechanism because when it fails the garage door cannot even be opened manually. Some torsion springs need to be adjusted to ensure that they operate properly. Only an expert repair technician should adjust or replace a torsion spring.

Occasionally the hinges rust and either need to be replaced or cleaned so that they function without stress. The rollers wear out or rust, and they also need to be replaced. Most of the older garage doors have steel rollers that require lubrication and cleaning. It is easy for dust and other debris to attach to the rollers and cause them to become very noisy and even bind up. Many garages have steel rollers that can rust causing the rollers to fail. Steel rollers should be replaced by nylon rollers which are quieter and do not rust. Replacing rollers is a job for a technician. Broken cables are other parts that a technician should replace. These are parts that are critical to lifting the garage door.

The motor should be lubricated and the chain drive mechanism as well by a technician using a lubricant made for this purpose. In fact, any part of the garage door mechanism that needs lubrication should be lubricated by a technician using a special lubricant designed for this purpose. A technician who does overhead door repair in Vero Beach, FL will know exactly what to use.


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