The Necessity of Certificates of Destruction Issued by a Commercial Paper Shredding Company

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Business

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Most everyone has documents that need to be destroyed. Unfortunately, with the risk of identity theft, simply throwing these documents out in the trash could prove to be disastrous. That’s why people will likely use a paper shredder they can buy at a major retailer to destroy the documents and then throw out the remaining paper shreds. For businesses, documents with sensitive business and client information need to be shredded a bit more thoroughly than using a home paper shredder. That’s why companies commonly use a commercial paper shredding company to destroy their documents.

The difference between this type of paper shredding and residential paper shredders is that commercial shredding companies completely destroy the documents. Once the shredding process is complete, recovering any information off of what is left of the documents is impossible. Given the sensitive nature of some information, even with older documents that are no longer useful, it’s important to have this sort of thorough shredding process.

However, one thing that businesses need to consider, whether they have a mobile unit come to their facility, or they send the documents out to be destroyed at a central processing location, is to receive a certification of destruction. If an employee witnesses the documents being destroyed like what would be the case with the mobile unit, a certificate of destruction is still important to get. It’s even more important if the documents are sent out to a remote shredding facility.

The benefit of having this document is that it is a guarantee by the shredding company that the documents have been destroyed. If any information were to surface from those documents at later date, the certificate can be used to hold the shredding company liable for any damages that may have resulted from the sensitive information being stolen from the documents that were slated for destruction.

With a reputable company, a certificate is more for a business’s peace of mind. It’s unlikely that a reputable company would allow any of your information is stolen. If your company has a backlog of paperwork and documents that need to be properly disposed of in a professional and confidential manner, it’s important to use a reputable commercial paper shredding company. If you need to know more about quality shredding services, visit

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