The Multiple Ways That a Grouting Service in Baton Rouge LA Can Solve Uneveness

Along the Gulf Coast the soil is less compact and dense than what people find further inland. This can be problematic for the ever expanding tourism and business industry that has established itself in close proximity to sandy beaches, prompting property owners to turn to companies like a well-established Grouting Service in Baton Rouge LA to secure the structural stability of their establishment. Not only can these contractors firm up the ground on which a building sits, they can also lift structures up that have gradually sunken into the soil.

Stabilize Weak Soil

Leveling and strengthening loose soil through injections of semi-solid material is know as compaction grouting. In this process large amounts of low-mobility aggregate grout are injected into the soil through a drilling pipe that is gradually withdrawn so that the grout can spread into the soil in a bulb-like shape. This shape gradually expands and hardens, compacting the soil and creating a solid subsurface. This process is then repeated several times in a specified area so that a uniform base of compact ground is created to keep the structure completely level.

Get Back on Level Ground

Another leveling procedure that companies like Superior Grouting Services offer is concrete lifting. When a concrete slab shifts or sinks into the ground, there is no physical way someone can level it on there own. By utilizing the PolyLift or Mudjacking systems offered by Superior, concrete slabs are brought back into place after small holes are drilled into the concrete and either polymers or cement grout are hydraulically pumped through the holes. The materials flow through these holes and expand underneath the slab, providing lift to force the concrete back into place. To learn more about how this process can solve problems with uneven surfaces, Superior encourages customers to “Contact us” by phone or online.

Create an Extremely Strong Subsurface

Unnoticeable voids and sink holes are problematic for builders because they can cause unevenness after construction is complete. Although pressurized grouting might help, larger areas can be filled more efficiently with a deep foam injection treatment. This process, offered by a grouting service in Baton Rouge LA, allows the injected foam polymer to flow through weak areas in the soil to fill in voids and fissures. This process displaces water and dries into a hardened, strong foam with a root system that greatly increases the load bearing capacity of the ground.

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