The Most Popular Electronic Cigarette Flavors of this Generation

One luxury that conventional cigarettes cannot quite yet manage is the wide array of flavors available for electronic cigarettes. After all, there is something just soothing about the aroma of these e-cig vapor liquids, other than the standard mint.We’ve listed here the three most popular electronic cigarette flavors. Two of them are pretty conventional, although the third is a bit of a surprise!


Sure, vanilla is practically the equivalent of all things plain and unsurprising. However, it is also reminds us of things that are homey and comforting. Think freshly-baked cookies straight from your mother’s oven. Or a scoop of that good old ice cream you used to get from your local ice cream truck. Incidentally, the smell of human skin is pretty vanilla-y in itself! Because of this comfort, vanilla is one of the most popular electronic cigarette flavors available!


Imagine yourself sitting in a laid-back French café, smoking cigarettes and having a sip of café au lait. Coffee and cigarettes have always been the perfect combination, and what better way to marry them than with electronic cigarette flavors? Coffee is best for, of course, getting you perked up and ready for the day in the early mornings. And because this idea is so warm and familiar, folks gravitate to this earthy aroma.


Taffy is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think electronic cigarette flavors. Over the years, however, it may very well be! It’s becoming an increasingly popular flavor, and it’s really no wonder why! It’s sweet, sugary, fresh aroma is versatile. It’s perfect for reminiscing the good old days, or perhaps an appropriate accompaniment to a fun and enjoyable day!

As far as taffy is concerned, our favorite is the Ocean City Taffy variety, which truly reminds us of good old sweet fun.

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