The Most Important Reasons Homeowners Choose To Install Crawl Space Insulation In Baltimore

One of the most overlooked areas of any home is a crawl space, due in part to the fact that it is out of sight and seldom an area that has to be accessed by a homeowner. One of the best ways to make a crawl space more air and water tight is to add insulation to the area. While there are common benefits associated with Crawl Space Insulation in Baltimore, there are others that aren’t as well known and are some of the most important reasons to consider upgrading the area under a home.

Temperature Regulation

A crawl space usually has several openings around its perimeter, and these function to allow air to flow into the area. Crawl Space Insulation in Baltimore can help reduce the amount of air flow, which will help keep a home warm in the winter and prevent heat from escaping out from underneath a home. It can also help reduce the occurrence of drafts by adding to the overall air tightness of a house.

Reduced Occurrence of Pests

From spiders to ants, insects can not only be frustrating, but they can also cause damage to the wood components of the underside of a home. Insulation helps to prevent insects from entering the crawl space by eliminating holes and gaps that are the perfect route of entry for a variety of bugs. Keep any home free from annoying insects by insulating a crawl space with a high-quality plastic membrane.

Reduce Mold and Mildew

A crawl space that isn’t insulated can lead to increased moisture levels, usually caused by water seeping up from the earth into the home. The insulation will keep the space dry and free from moisture, which will prevent mold and mildew from forming. If a homeowner notices a musty smell coming from their crawl space, they should consider installing insulation to reduce the odor and the moisture that caused it.

Don’t ignore a crawl space when advancements in home construction technology now allow a homeowner to keep the area under a home safe and free from moisture and drafty conditions. To learn more, contact Armored Basement Waterproofing LLC and see how affordable insulating a crawl space should be.