The Most Common Uses of Tooth Veneers in Bowie, MD

There are many common reasons for a person to get tooth veneers fitted over their current natural teeth, and these problems are often fixed immediately by this option. It could be, however, that you are not sure whether or not you really need veneers or what they can do for you in the long run. Fortunately, there are many different reasons people enjoy this treatment, especially due to the long-lasting results and the simplicity of the procedure.


One of the most common reasons people choose tooth veneers in Bowie, MD is that they have discoloration on one or more teeth. This discoloration could be caused by certain medications, drinking dark liquids, or smoking, but all of these problems can be covered by veneers. Discoloration can even be caused by root canal treatment, but the stains will be completely replaced by beautiful, white veneers that look and function the same as natural teeth.

Worn Down

Teeth can become worn down over time and use, especially if you regularly eat hard and crunchy foods or foods with high levels of acidity, such as citrus fruits. Choosing a dental veneer in Bowie, MD will not only strengthen the tooth and return its full functionality, but it can help to reduce sensitivities caused by the worn out tooth. Sensitivities are often caused when the enamel of a tooth is worn down, leaving the soft inner tissue vulnerable to hot and cold temperatures.

Chips or Breaks

A chipped or broken tooth can feel so painful that many people worry that a great deal of damage is done, when in reality, this is not always the case. Fortunately, chips and breaks are quick fixes using tooth veneers, especially if you have a qualified and highly skilled dentist with you to get the procedure done right. You should see immediate results and may even have difficulty remembering which tooth was chipped or broken later on because the results are so natural.