The Most Common Symptoms That Indicate A Need For Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Fort Myers FL

When a person is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, those that love and care about them are usually the first to notice a problem. It is vital to approach a person who is suffering from alcoholism with patience and care, as a more aggressive approach may cause them to avoid conversation and refuse to get the help they need. If a person begins displaying the following symptoms it may be signs that they are reaching out for help and would benefit from checking in to a facility that offers Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Fort Myers FL.

Social Avoidance

When a person is hooked on alcohol, they will continuously be looking for their next fix, and will usually begin drinking first thing in the morning. In these instances, a person may avoid social situations, as they will have a fear that others will notice their inability to function without alcohol. Though an intervention may be an excellent first step, it is usually recommended to consult with a professional before confronting a person and encouraging them to enroll in Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Fort Myers FL.

Poor Hygiene

Many people will experience depression as a result of their addiction, which will cause them to care less about daily tasks, such as bathing. If a person stops bathing on a regular basis and regularly wears stained and dirty clothing, it may be an indicator that they are in the throes of addiction. Attempting to coach them into improving their hygiene on their own will usually result in frustration and violent threats from the person needing help.

Loss of Memory

Another common symptom of alcoholism is a loss of memory. Both short and long-term recollection is usually affected, with most people exhibiting issues remembering items such as dates and names. If a person is unable to recall long spans of time, it may be due to a blackout, which is a symptom commonly associated with binge drinking.

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