The Most Common Problems for your Chimney

It’s easy to ignore your chimney, It’s up there somewhere you can’t necessarily see it or down the side of the house you never really venture too closely. But chimneys need just as much TLC as the rest of your home. There are some common problems that can start with your chimney and lead to further issues with your roof and home.

Flimsy Flashing

You may pay attention to the flashing at the visible points of your roof. It might look like paint is peeling, or appear a little rusty. It can even look like it is coming up or curling. The same issues can be happening at the base of your chimney and if left unchecked this can lead to leaks. In many cases you could have leaks through your chimney that may take years to make there way through your home. However what you don’t know can hurt you. The dampness and moisture caused by chimney leaks can be rotting out the wood in your roof and attic. This can rot can be dangerous and can lead to mould.

Crumbly Bricks and Mortar

The bricks and mortar of your chimney can be quite vulnerable and way up there on your roof there could be some serious crumbling going on. Regular checks of your chimney can catch these issues early on before the integrity of the structure is affected. Simple tuckpointing by a Chimney Repair Worthington, OH company can correct the issue easily and affordably before things become worse.

Water Damage

Your chimney requires a regular water sealant in order to avoid water intrusion. The brick of your chimney is susceptible to leaks and this can lead to water intrusion. You need to apply a 100 percent breathable sealant. If you are uncertain, regular checks with a Chimney Repair Worthington, OH home owners use will help in the general maintenance of your chimney and they can apply the best water sealant while they’re up there.

Little Critters

An open chimney is also an open invitation to critter invasion. You could actually have a chimney missing its cap which means animals can just saunter right on in. From squirrels to raccoons and birds to possums you can be in for a whole lot of trouble. A cap can help keep the critters away.

Regularly inspect your chimney to ensure that everything is in good condition & the minor damaged are fixed on time. Click here to know more.