The Most Common Medical Supplies in Mystic, CT

The number of Medical Supplies in Mystic CT are certainly growing by the day. The variety and quantity available on the market is fueled by a particular need or when a manufacturer decides to update, and improve on an already existing medical product. In order to be familiar with the main types of medical supplies available on the market, here is a list of the most categories.

Trauma and Emergency Supplies

The emergency department in any hospital receives the largest number of patients. The ER is commonly the most visible, and one of the first areas that patients visit whenever they go to the hospital. For individuals without insurance, they are most likely to turn to the ER first, since they know that the department will not turn away a patient in need.

The very nature of an ER requires having ample stocks of supplies for examination and diagnostic tools, minor procedure kits, personal protection gear and respiratory therapy units. In other words, they need to be as well stocked as the main hospital.

Home Care Supplies

Home care devices are those that a patient requires daily in his or her home. In most cases, the use of such supplies does not necessitate the presence of a clinician for patients to use them. Some home care supplies include:

* Mobility aids

* Diabetes management tools

* Hearing aids

Surgical Equipment and Supplies

Surgical supplies include stainless steel tools required by surgical teams during various procedures. Other devices might include a diagnostic scope for a surgeon to work in areas that are hard to access.

Surgical disposable personal protection supplies include glasses, gloves, gowns and caps, as well as drapes and gauze, which are used to keep a patient safe and clean. Typically, the surgical department is such a huge consumer of these supplies that most hospitals have materials and purchasing management staff to deal solely with the demands.

Mobility and Storage Supplies

Sometimes, it is necessary to move a patient from one location to another. Such moves require the use of mobility and storage supplies such as:

* Procedure carts

* Linen carts

* Supply carts

* Storage carts

* Case carts

At Fort Hill Pharmacy Inc., you will learn more about these and other medical supplies in Mystic CT. The staff at the practice will be happy to answer any questions you might have about medical equipment and supplies.

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