The Most Common Food Allergies in Louisville, KY

If you have a hard time digesting foods and feel that you may have an underlying medical problem, then you may be struggling with Food Allergies in Louisville, KY. You can overcome the challenges associated with enjoying foods by either abstaining from eating them or taking a medication to help you cope with the side effects. A doctor at an Accredited Asthma, Allergy and Food Intolerance Center can conduct the tests you need to determine what is causing your problems. Don’t let what you eat cause you adverse health reactions any longer. Get the test you need so you can determine what is causing your allergy issues. The following three items are the most commonly reported allergens that are present in food.

Gluten:-Gluten is present in any wheat based food product. While there is no cure or medication for a gluten intolerance, eating a diet that does not contain gluten derived items can relieve any symptoms you may be having. Testing for gluten allergies is usually done via a blood test, though the doctor you choose may do an intestinal biopsy to add further validity to their final allergen report.

Lactose:- Lactose is an enzyme that is present in any product that contains dairy. The side effects of a lactose issue include intestinal discomfort, closing of the throat and hives. If you feel this is your problem, then be upfront with your doctor about any of these that you noticed, and if there is a correlation between your time of consumption and the time of your allergy outbreak.

Shellfish:-If you are allergic to shell fish, then you will notice a swelling of your lymph nodes and throat after consumption. Make sure you abstain from eating this until your results are final, as it is possible for your airway to become constricted. Discuss the specifics of your reactions with your doctor so they have the information they need to conduct your test for Food Allergies in Louisville, KY.

You don’t have to live with the negative side effects of allergies. Make sure you contact Accredited Asthma, Allergy & Food Intolerance Center. They will be able to develop a food allergies treatment in Louisville, KY so you can rest assured that your fears of eating something you shouldn’t are no longer a concern. Contact them today so you can get started down a path free from horrible allergies.