The Most Common Decisions Made About Ashes After Cremation Services in Mason, OH

After receiving assistance from Cremation Services in Mason OH for one practical part of the funeral arrangements, the family must decide what to do with the ashes. The most common choices are to have an urn containing the ashes buried in a cemetery, to scatter the ashes outdoors, or to keep them in a container at a family member’s home.

Places to Scatter Ashes

When choosing to scatter ashes after Cremation Services in Mason OH, the family often decides to distribute them in a place that had special meaning for their loved one. That might be a lake or river, a stream running through a favorite campground, or a pond on a family farm. The ashes could be released to the breeze on a hillside ledge looking out over a beautiful view, or in a forested area the person loved hiking through.

Burial of Ashes

Other families have trouble with the idea of letting the ashes go and not having a specific place of comfort to keep returning to. A burial plot serves this purpose, allowing people who loved the deceased individual to come back again and again, placing flowers and paying respects.

These rituals are very important for many people, which is one reason so many people choose cemetery burial of urns instead of scattering the ashes. They can buy a smaller plot than would be necessary for a coffin and still have it marked with a gravestone.

Keeping the Container at Home

Keeping the urn or another type of container in someone’s home is the third most common choice. It might be set in a place of honor on a special shelf or kept in a cabinet with a glass door. Sometimes, the family member does not necessarily want the container on display but chooses to keep it in a private place, such as a drawer in a nightstand that belonged to the deceased person.