The Minneapolis Garage Door Repair Technician Will Inspect Your Garage Door and Make Sure It Is Safe to Operate

The homeowner should never attempt to repair a garage door. Approximately 20,000 injuries occur every year because a homeowner attempts a repair he cannot do. A number of deaths also occur. The solution is to call the professional garage door repair technician to make the repairs.

Many homeowners do not recognize the power of the torsion bar or the lift cables. These can hurt a person badly and even kill some people who are attempting self-repair. The garage door should be inspected annually by a highly skilled Minneapolis garage door repair technician. During this inspection, any parts about to fail will be detected, and they can be repaired before your garage door fails to open.

The inspection will also reveal hinges which need oiling or replacing, but more importantly, it will reveal any problem with the torsion bar, which could break loose, or it may need adjusting to prolong its life and increase its effectiveness. The rollers should roll in the track without any difficulty. If they don’t, it may be time to re-align the tracks because the rollers should not come out of the tracks at any time. The tracks should be in perfect alignment, so the door will roll with equal effort on each track. Rollers should be replaced if they are worn or cannot stay in their tracks. Nylon rollers are the quietest rollers, and these are also long-wearing. The proper balance will also be checked and reset if required.

The garage door is the heaviest moving part of the house, and it is lifted and lowered an average of 2,500 times in a month for a two car garage. The door can become misaligned and fall to the garage floor. Every year, two or three people are killed when this type of door falls on them. Often, it is children just playing in the garage and not expecting an eminent disaster. The U.S. Product Safety Commission has issued a warning about this failure and the resulting loss of life.

Timely Minneapolis garage door repair can save the homeowner a significant amount of trouble and future expense with a cautionary inspection now.

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