The Material Choices for Metal Roofing in Tacoma, WA

Metal roofing is often the standout roof in the neighborhood. Not only do they provide a unique look, metal roofs have many advantages over shingled roofs. Like many home options, there are lots of choices for the type of metal roof that you want to have on your home. When you decide to add a metal roof to your home, talk to DLP Roofing Inc. to find out which type of metal roof you want for your home.

Copper is one of the most popular material choices for metal roofing in Tacoma, WA. The copper look goes with several different styles of homes. The look also changes over time as the copper varnishes. It is also one of the longest lasting roof options because it has a lifespan of fifty years or more. This roofing material is often very light and easy for contractors to install.

Another material choice is steel. You don’t have to worry about rusting because the steel is often protected by a special coating. The beauty of steel is great for that industrial look. It can also be customized in many regards to fit the shape of the roof. Steel can also be painted if you don’t want that metallic silver look. A primer and a coat of paint can completely change the look of the roof.

Aluminum is another popular choice for metal roofing in Tacoma, WA. It’s really big advantage over the other two metals is that it is more resistant to the effects of salt water. It won’t rust as quickly in these conditions. This is often a good choice if you live near the more coastal areas in Washington. It also doesn’t need to be coated like steel does. Aluminum is also one of the cheapest roofing options.

There are many choices of metal for the roof. Each choice has a unique look and distinct advantages over shingled roofs. Not only do these roofs add value and curb appeal, they also have a longer life than many shingled roofs. Ultimately, the choice of materials is going to reside on the style and color of roof you want for your home.



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