The Many Services Provided by Oral Surgery in Summit, NJ

When people need dental work done, they go to see a dentist. They see a dentist to clean their teeth, to get cosmetic dental services and to take care of gum disease. However, sometimes the dental work they need to be done requires surgery. For this, they will need to see an oral surgeon. An oral surgeon has extensive training in dental operations, as much as a brain surgeon has extensive training beyond the practice of general practice doctors. There is a dental practice that provides Oral Surgery in Summit NJ. These are some of the services associated with oral surgery.

Every person has wisdom teeth that come in. Many people have to have their wisdom teeth removed because the teeth don’t grow in quite right, or they push against other teeth. Removing these teeth is more than just a simple extraction. It will require the skilled hands of an oral surgeon. This is one of the services an oral surgeon provides. Another thing that people have done are dental implants. Dental implants are preferred by many people, instead of dentures or partials. Oral surgeons do the process to make this happen for their patients.

There are other patients who have problems known as sleep apnea. If left untreated, sometimes these people can become seriously injured or even die. Oral surgeons are trained to provide treatment for patients with this problem, using sleep devices and other forms of snoring treatment. Finally, there are patients that require a complex surgery due to oral maxillofacial issues. This is surgery that is required because of problems with the head, neck, jaw and the mouth. This is when a patient would need an oral surgeon, also.

Westfield Oral Surgery has been providing dental solutions for patients in the Summit, New Jersey area for more than 23 years. Patients are provided with services for their wisdom teeth, for problems with TMJ, sleep apnea issues, and dental implants. The dental clinic also provides excellent anesthesia for those patients who are fearful that the doctors don’t provide anesthesia well. If any patients are interested in Oral Surgery in Summit NJ, they can visit the website at

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