The Lula Ruby Salon Ushers In New Era of Beauty

The search for an organic spa experience has become oh, so important, for an increasing number of American women. With organic beauty good purchases at an all-time high, it’s only expected that the beauty salon industry would follow as well. With this in mind, companies like the Lula Ruby Salon in Snoqualmie, WA are reaching a previously untapped audience. To do this, the sustainable salon has more than just the customer in mind, but the welfare of the planet as a whole.

By taking out all of the harshest, most dangerous chemicals in the beauty industry, Lula Ruby Salon is able to utilize hair coloring that is PPD and free of all ammonia. Additionally, all of the products used on the hair and body are paraben-free, and further, have no sulfates or other toxic substances. Reports indicate the success of their salon is owed to the use of these types of products along side the expertise and creativity of the stylists.

But, women are not the only ones buying into the organic salon experience, as the  site reports they are seeing an increased amount of men and even children into the salon. But, this should come as no surprise with their plethora of services, including hair and scalp treatments, coloring services for men and women (no, dye jobs are NOT just for women), foil highlighting, and numerous other services. Just for the day, men and women (and their children) can be treated with the types of services they simply do not have the ability to do at home.

The key to success with all treatments is to continue it at home, and Lula’s equips the consumer to do just that. With a wide array of products to purchase and use at home, the consumer has no excuse to look bad. But, if you fall slack, you don’t have to worry as a fantastic loyalty rewards program is in existence to help out.

If you’re tired of the same old salon treatment with chemicals that not only harm you but the earth as a whole, try out the fastest growing trend in the beauty industry: the organic beauty salon.

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