The Logistics Challenge of Completing an MBBS in India

One of the realities of attempting to complete an MBBS in India is the number of students trying to earn a seat in the limited number of programs within the country. These numbers can be overwhelming, which is one of the reasons many students in India choose to complete an MBBS abroad at a top medical college or university.

At the same time, India is struggling to find qualified doctors in many areas across the country. Rural areas have a shortage of doctors, with many urban centers also experiencing fewer doctors than required.

Understanding the Numbers

All students who complete an MBBS in India must complete the NEET UG. This exam is only held once a year across the country, with about 16 lakh new students writing the exam annually. Add to this, there are between 2 to 3 lakh students who have an MBBS in India write the NEET PG on an annual basis.

Of the 1.6 lakh new students, only 80,000 will earn a seat. Approximately half of those seats are in private medical colleges, where the fees are 16-20 lakh per year. The 2.5 to 3 lakh students writing the NEET PG exam are competing for about 40,000 PG seats in the country. Fees for the PG students in private medical colleges is more than 25 lakh per year.

Outside of India

Completing an MBBS outside of India that offers clinical rotations at an ACGME approved training hospital in the USA offers an ideal option. This allows students to complete the MBBS without the need to write the NEET exam. However, they still receive the quality education that allows them to work as a doctor in India, the USA, or in most countries around the world.

Students can choose to complete the equivalent of an MBBS in India at medical universities in the Caribbean through Zordha Education. To find out more, see us.

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