The Latest Trends In Hardwood Flooring In Tribeca

The floors in a home should be able to withstand normal wear and tear and offer a beautiful backdrop for the other architectural and decorative elements that are present. One of the most popular options is to install Hardwood Flooring in Tribeca, as it is designed to stand the test of time and offers a natural and upscale appearance that will add warmth to any size space. Before a person selects a wood flooring material, it’s important to research the latest trends to ensure it is an installation that will remain timeless for years to come.

Matte Finish

One of the most dramatic shifts in the world of hardwood is to opt for a matte finish sealant, which will help protect the wood without adding a high sheen to its surface. Another benefit of a matte finish is that it is better at hiding imperfections, which ensures that scratches and other surface damage will remain undetectable for years after installation.

High Variation Wood

Another popular option is to use wood that has high variations. Traditional oak and maple planks are designed to offer a more uniform pattern, and though there will be some differences in the grain patterns, the color of the wood is usually consistent. High variation wood will have dramatic differences in both color, texture, and grain pattern, and creates a unique, one of a kind flooring surface.

Dark Wood Stains

When it comes to the stain that is used on Hardwood Flooring in Tribeca, light is out, and dark is in. Dark finishes offer a rich visual appeal and are usually recommended for larger rooms as it helps to ground the space. There are several variations of dark stain available, so whether a person is looking for a chocolate brown, black, or red hue, they will be able to achieve it while remaining modern and in style.

If a person is looking to upgrade their home, they should consider having any old and outdated flooring replaced with quality hardwood. The team at New York Wood Flooring offers installation, refinishing, and maintenance services, and will have a home looking beautiful in no time. Call today to learn more and talk to a design expert to choose the perfect flooring material for any size house. Follow us on Twitter.

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