The Kings of Crab in Cincinnati

A great seafood restaurant in Cincinnati can be hard to find. I know that sometimes, you just have to have that amazing crab, or shrimp cocktail. When you find it, you never want to forget it, and, I know for me at least, you never do.

When you want to sit down to eat some exquisite Alaskan king crab, or even oysters cooked to perfection, you’ll never be disappointed. I know that sometimes when I go out to grab a bite to eat, I don’t always know what I want. I want to have the choices to go from hoping for a steak, to indulging on mussels without having to drive around to find a steak house, or seafood restaurant. When you find the perfect restaurant that offers amazing choices, you’ll never forget where you went.

I find that service is something I always expect to be good. Sometimes however, you find a place where the staff or not only friendly and professional, but make the night even more memorable. With many choices of wines, sometimes it can be a daunting task to order the perfect wine to compliment your meal. Having a server who is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable can make the choice a breeze. From the smile as we walk through the door, to the friendly goodbye, the staff can make it a perfect night.

As if amazing service isn’t enough, but a chef who can make your meal a work of art is something nobody forgets. From a steak grilled perfectly to a salad that looks like Van Gogh painted it himself, food that gets set in front of you that looks too good to eat stays with you forever. I always hope to find a restaurant with food so good, I give the compliments the chef with every meal I eat.

An experience like that will make you never want to leave. Finding a restaurant that will help you make memories, and share them with friends, family, and coworkers is like finding gold. Whether it’s you and your significant other, or the company’s holiday party, everyone will enjoy the staff, as well as the food.
Tony’s is one of the top seafood restaurants in Cincinnati. They offer exquisite food, professional staff, and hosting for large groups. You always get great service and many meal choices every time you come in.

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