The Job of a Personal Injury Lawyer Is to Help Victims Injured by Another’s Negligence

That first driving license is a laminated milestone in life that represents freedom. Unfortunately, although a teen may have quick reflexes, that does not mean they have good judgement.

Under age Drinking in Bronx, NY

Under age drinking is a serious problem in Bronx, NY. In a survey, 69% of Bronx, NY teens reported they had no problem obtaining alcohol. Much of the time, the teens either paid someone else to buy it for them or had it given to them. Think about that; another adult is helping your child to get drunk.Three out of four Bronx, NY teens do not think drinking every day is harmful. Half of Bronx, NY’s high school seniors drank alcohol within the past month. Most of these kids did not begin drinking as high school seniors. The average age when a girl begins to drink is 13; while boys might have their first drink at 11.

No one would argue that teens, booze, and cars create a deadly combination. The leading cause of death for teens is an auto accident, and many of those deaths happened when another teen was at the wheel.

Parental Liability

It comes as a shock to many parents, after the accident, that they can be sued for their teen’s reckless behaviour. Some parents feel that kids will drink anyway, so they’ll control the situation by letting them drink at home. They might make a deal with their teen. They’ll supply some beer if everyone gives them their car keys so no one drinks and drives. Does this sound like a safe scenario? Think again.

What if there is a fight and someone is seriously injured? What if a drunken boy assaults one of the girls? What if someone goes upstairs and falls or is pushed out of a window? Parties can quickly spin out of control, especially when alcohol is involved. Even if the parents weren’t home, they could be held responsible. If there is an auto accident on the way home, the parents could be held responsible.

Each personal injury lawyer at Business Name has met and assisted many victims of drunk drivers. They’ve gotten to know people whose lives have been destroyed by the negligence or recklessness of others. They believe those people deserve fair compensation for all they have lost. That is the job of a personal injury lawyer.

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