The Isuzu NPR is the Flexible, Medium-Duty Truck You Need for the Job

Choosing the right commercial truck can be an intimidating task; luckily, the Isuzu NPR is a reliable, flexible truck, capable of light deliveries to heavy hauling. The Isuzu NPR is a good choice for a medium-duty truck for your business. Whether new or used, finding an Isuzu NPR for sale in Texas can be just what you need to get the job done. Let’s look at a few of the advantages this medium-duty truck has.

The gross vehicle weight for an Isuzu NPR is 12,000-pounds. That means this truck can haul up to 6,978 pounds. Whether you’re hauling construction materials or delivering dry goods, the Isuzu NPR makes the job easy.

The Isuzu NPR is the only gasoline-powered low cab forward truck you can get. While diesel has its advantages, it’s not always available in the city.

If there is one thing Isuzu Trucks are known for its visibility on the road and their turning radius. The low cab forward design lets the driver see the road within 8’ in front. Likewise, the truck’s maneuverability easily allows for safe, tight turns on packed city streets.

You can find an Isuzu NPR for sale in Texas that’s a flatbed or a box truck. You can even find one with a crew cab. The bottom line is, it’s a very versatile truck that can be equipped for just about any job.

The right medium-duty truck is essential for jobs requiring flexibility, and the Isuzu NPR could be the truck for you.

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