The Iowa Laws Regarding The Time Of Transfer Septic Inspection In Des Moines, Iowa

The septic system is a marvel of piping and engineering utilizing the natural principles that water flows downhill with the help of gravity. This enables the waste to flow from the home into the septic tank where it is safely stored and processed. But because this is such a unique system, the septic system does need to be inspected. This is especially true if the house is being sold or the title is being transferred. Iowa has updated their rules regarding the inspection of the septic system.

The new rules in Iowa require a Time Of Transfer Septic Inspection in Des Moines, Iowa. This inspection has to be done before the sale of the home. The inspectors are checking to ensure that a home’s septic system is up to the current code and regulations. There are some exceptions if the home has a secondary septic system in case of a failure of the first one. But if the home only has one system, the certificate is necessary.

But before you get your Septic Systems in Des Moines, Iowa inspected by just anybody, the law also requires that the company certifying the septic system have a Time Of Transfer Septic Inspection Certificate. Part of the requirements is that the company has two years of experience with septic systems and has completed a class approved by the state on handling septic systems.

Once the septic system has undergone the Time Of Transfer Septic Inspection in Des Moines, Iowa, then the home is approved for sale or for a title transfer. This inspection has to be done as part of the legalities that govern the sale and transfer of homes. The sale or transfer of title will not be approved unless this certification is attached as part of the legal paperwork.

Inspections of the septic tank are a necessity as regular maintenance and if a problem occurs. But if you are going to sell your home in Des Moines, Iowa, then you need to know that your sewer system has to be inspected before it can be sold or the title can be transferred.

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