The Increasing Importance Of Obtaining Personal Trainer Certification In NYC

Fitness training for athletic events and competitions dates back to ancient civilizations and is not a new concept. However, the use of a personal trainer doesn’t have roots that go back that far. In fact, personal trainers, at least as they work today, have existed since the late part of the 1970s with the big boost in the industry occurring in the mid part of the 1980s.

In the 1980s, most personal trainers were general fitness trainers, and they typically had a lot of experience in the fitness industry, but very limited specific training. It wasn’t until 1996 that the National Strength and Conditioning Association recognized accredited fitness trainers. The National Academy of Sports Medicine didn’t start offering their first training until 1987.

Today’s Employment Opportunities

To find a top job through a fitness club a sports organization or as a private fitness trainer, it will be important to have a personal trainer certification. In NYC, savvy clients know to look for this designation to ensure they are hiring a knowledgeable and trained professional who can help them to safely achieve their fitness goals.

Most gyms, fitness centers, organizations, teams, and groups will need to see a personal trainer certification. NASM certification is considered the gold standard, which makes it a good option for anyone to consider.

Insurance Requirements

In addition to learning how to work with people of different fitness levels to achieve their goals, the NASM personal trainer certification will be instrumental in getting insurance coverage for those trainers who want to work as independent trainers and consultants.


Through completing certification as a personal trainer in NYC, you have the experience as well as the knowledge to guide people to achieving success in their fitness goals. While insurance and advertising your services is important, the ability to work individuals with someone and see them obtain the fitness goals simple isn’t possible unless you have the theory and the educational background to develop plans and understand how to motivate, encourage and support people.

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